Alvin Zhou is a Tasty producer. He makes a ton of Giant Foods at Tasty. He gets many challenges from his friends. He is in the Tasty New York City. He has his own series at Tasty called Make It Big where he makes regular food but larger. He has done videos for Tasty Japan. For more pictures of him click here.


Alvin Karl Zhou was born August 13, 1995 in Fremont, California. When he was 15, his mom moved to China to take care of his grandfather. He cooked for family in her place. In 2015 he became a food video producer for Tasty. In 2017, Alvin graduated from Columbia University with a degree in operations research: engineering management systems.

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List Of Dishes

Dish Image
2-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie
2 Minute Cookie.jpeg
The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 Hour Cookie.jpeg
Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 Day Cookie.jpeg
Red Mirror Cake
Red Mirror Cake.jpeg
8 Desserts in 1 Sheet Pan
5-Layer Cheesecake
5-Layer Cheese.jpeg
Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings
Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings.jpeg
Egg Bubble Waffle
Egg Bubble Waffle.jpg


  • He currently holds the Tasty record for most giant foods made by a chef with him making 16 giant foods so far from when he started at BuzzFeed Tasty to now.
  • His middle name is Karl.
  • He also was in the show, Chomped.
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